Understand your dental health options with Advanced Dental Care

Springfield, Illinois (WCIA)

At Advanced Dental Care of Springfield, we are general dentists who help people with broken, missing, and sore teeth achieve healthy, natural, confident smiles they can be proud of in a setting that’s right for them.

We have many different options for tooth replacement and the needs of the patient’s help decided which of these options was best for them.

People with broken or missing teeth may have self-confidence issues. Not only that, but they don’t eat the foods they want to eat, they don’t smile, and they don’t deal with pain on a daily basis.
One of the common things we hear is “I don’t smile anymore because my teeth are so bad”. One of the first things people notice about someone is their smile. Not having a smile they can be proud of affects the way people see themselves! We help people find smiles and lives there!

Many people have lost hope because most or even all of their teeth are missing. These people can also have big smiles. With the help of dental implants and our custom-made prostheses, those people who may have lost hope of a beautiful smile can have a beautiful, confident smile they can be proud of.

We offer sedation dentistry. Patients who are nervous or have had bad experiences before can come to the dentist and have the most comfortable dental visit of their lives.

With sedation dentistry, patients will receive the treatment they need peacefully and comfortably and wake up with a beautiful new smile.

Even patients who aren’t nervous but have a lot of old dental work that needs updating can benefit from sedative dentistry because more can be done in a single visit, instead of multiple visits and missing work. work or away from their families.

We have several community service events that are special to us.

One such event is our Free Dental Day, which will take place on May 20 this year. It’s one of our favorite days of the year to be able to give back to the community that supports us!

We also have a free educational seminar on dental implants and tooth replacement options on Wednesday evening, May 4 at 6:30 p.m.
This seminar helps patients sort through all the available information when trying to decide which treatment is best for them. Sometimes trying to get all the information on their own leads to confusion and inaction. This delays getting the treatment they need and prolongs the suffering of sore and broken teeth. This seminar helps patients understand their options and helps them make the decision that is best for them.
We will be offering free consultations and free digital scans to the first 20 bookings!

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