If you have a missing tooth, it can be difficult to enjoy your daily meal. You may be familiar with the old solutions to missing teeth, such as dentures and bridges, but you’re not completely happy with their many drawbacks. If you suffer from the same, consider dental implants as the best method to restore your smile. The team at Life Berry Health is here to let you know the benefits of Dental implants.

An implant replaces the missing tooth or teeth without the need to cut teeth on either side for crowns or to support the bridge. Dental implants are the most widely accepted restorative alternative for your missing tooth. Dr Surbhi Bhatia L at Lifeberries Health with its team of specialists implants artificial titanium tooth roots into the jawbone for a natural feel as well as aesthetic satisfaction. Dental implants are relevant for those who have only one missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. The most common benefit of dental implants is their natural look and comfort. Teeth come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, and you want a solution that matches your natural teeth. At Lifeberries Health, we can design dental implant crowns to blend seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.

Dental implants really help your overall self-esteem and additionally act like your natural teeth would. They look like your natural teeth, can boost your confidence, are reliable and effective, and help improve your overall oral health. They additionally promote support for your prayer, comfort, and chewing abilities. Dental implants are permanently attached so you don’t have to remove them and you can brush, floss, eat, drink and sleep with your dental implants, compared to alternatives such as dentures dental.

If you think a dental implant may be right for you, be sure to visit Lifeberries Health and find out if an implant is desired first. In certain severely compromised health conditions, implants should be avoided. At Lifeberries, we can help you determine if a dental implant is right for you. It is a simple procedure that takes 15-30 minutes to complete the first phase and the second phase is done after 3-6 months.

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