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At the 2022 People’s Choice Awards, Dental Health Associates was named Best Dental Practice in Madison. This is a major feat considering that more than 20 dental practices were nominated this year. Collectively, 92,000 votes were cast by residents and readers across all award categories.

“We couldn’t be more excited or impressed with our patients’ support for being named the best dental office in Madison,” said Dr. Brian Sweeney, DDS, vice president of Dental Health Associates of Madison. “For more than 50 years, we’ve provided quality patient-centered care to the community of Madison, and we’re proud of their beautiful, healthy smiles.”

Dr. Brian Sweeney, DDS, Vice President of Dental Health Associates of Madison

Photo courtesy of Dental Health Associates

Madison's Popular Choice

When asked what sets Dental Health Associates apart as dental leaders, he replied, “We focus on the needs of each individual. We truly personalize care to reflect patients’ needs and values, to make them as comfortable as possible, and to communicate with them without judgment.

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Dental Health Associates offers patients treatment options ranging from general dentistry to orthodontics, periodontics, and endodontics.

With 300 employees, 35 providers and seven locations across Madison, the company prides itself on being a locally owned and operated dental practice. Founded in 1969 by a group of dentists who saw the need for a full range of services at one location. The company’s expertise is rooted in peer review and shared consultation practices.

While some people may still feel a twinge of anxiety about visiting the dentist, new technologies, user-friendly procedures, and advanced treatment approaches have continued to help reduce the fear for many.

Over the past 10 years, Sweeney said, great strides have been made in making dental visits less scary. Office environments are now more open, modern and streamlined. The use of digital technology, better dental equipment and minimally invasive dentistry have helped shape a new image for the future of dentistry. For those who still feel anxious about having dental procedures, Sweeney said sedation dentistry is still an option.

Advances in treatment options have also made sitting more attractive. “With digital dentistry, we have seen an evolution of care in recent years and patients are definitely the beneficiaries. The continuous development of new dental materials and procedures has helped restore and maintain patients’ oral health throughout their lives. Crowns can be made with digital scanning, eliminating messy mixes and a mouthful of material. Digital x-rays dramatically improve image quality while being safer for the patient than older film x-rays. Dental implants have also revolutionized the dental industry and allow us to replace missing teeth.

As digital dentistry continues to evolve and provide advanced solutions to improve the patient experience, it also decreases the frequency and cost of dental treatment. “The dental IQ of the patients is very high at the moment. A lot of treatment revolves around preventative care, which helps reduce dental costs and eliminate problems, or at least minimize them,” Sweeney said.

Not only does Dental Health Associates provide top-notch care and service, but they also pride themselves on remaining actively involved in the Madison area and surrounding communities. “Winning this award isn’t just about the dental care and treatments we provide,” Sweeney said, “It’s also about the investment in our patients and our community who voted us as the best dental practice in Madison. Thank you Madison.

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