HKGN momentum to improve oral health awareness: minister

On the occasion of the commemoration of HKGN today, we reflect to raise our collective consciousness on the importance of dental and oral health

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The National Dental and Oral Health Day (HKGN), which is commemorated every September 12, can be used as an impetus to raise awareness in the community about the importance of maintaining dental and oral health .

“Today, during the commemoration of the HKGN, we reflect on a collective awareness of the importance of dental and oral health,” Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin said during a meeting. virtual event held on Monday to mark the HKGN.

It is hoped that in the future people will be aware of the importance of dental and oral health, he added. Moreover, they would not be afraid to have their teeth and mouth checked regularly.

Regular efforts should be made from an early age to ensure dental and oral health in advanced ages, the minister added. He also pointed out that dental and oral health can affect nutrient intake.

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“If our teeth and mouth are not healthy, our nutritional intake will also decrease, so our health will also decrease,” he explained.

He asked people, especially children, not to be afraid to have their teeth and mouth checked regularly by a dentist.

Although dental services are now considered more modern, many children are afraid to go to the dentist and seek treatment, he said.

In addition, the number of dentists working in community health centers (puskesmas) is still low and they are only concentrated in neighborhoods or large cities. As a result, many adults and children lack adequate access to dental and oral health services, he noted.

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“I also remind the Indonesian Dental Association (PDGI) to help locate our dentists in health centers in all sub-districts in Indonesia,” he said.

Sadikin informed that his ministry will contribute to the necessary mechanisms related to the distribution of dentists, including incentives and salary mechanisms for the distribution of medical equipment, to help all Indonesians access these services.

“Thus, the dental and oral health of our children can be maintained, as well as their nutritional intake and nutrition, and they can grow into healthy children to become productive human beings, build a better Indonesia and also build a better family. than our time,” he added.

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