Fundraising by Sheri Anderson: My Dental Implants

Hi, my name is Sheri, I’m married to my first love who works so hard we live on one income as I need another major back surgery. this was going to change my life for years we saved and sacrificed alot to achieve this and i had the surgery and the next step was to get the new teeth with implants we only had 8000 left and after the visit we found out the total cost was going to be 11,300 and we have no way of finding the money that was missing and without that money we worked so hard to save and the implants I had placed are useless because i wont be able to complete my implants if we cant find the 4000 we are missing through and what a life changing experience its not just for your self esteem but j Just being able to eat in right now there are only a few things i can eat and it is miserable with my implants i will be able to eat anything and with ease please help me make my dream come true god you bless you all and God bless you abundantly everyone who helps thanks