Bexley dentist advises patients to seek dental implants

Bexley Dental, based in New South Wales, wants to help patients understand what a dental implant procedure is and why they recommend it to replace lost teeth. Since many patients may already be familiar with dentures or bridges, the clinic also seeks to explain why implants are widely considered the superior option. See more here: Dentist Dental Implants.

To illustrate why implants are better, the clinic says it’s important to recognize why dentures and bridges are inherently flawed. The main reason, they say, is that non-permanent dentures and bridges aren’t meant to be permanent solutions (even though some patients have been known to treat them as such). Dentures are an old technology that virtually every household is familiar with, especially given their prevalence in popular media over the past few decades. However, anyone who has ever had dentures can attest that they are difficult – and therefore uncomfortable – to wear for long periods of time, and their unstable placement means that patients will always struggle to speak or eat a meal.

Tooth-supported bridges, on the other hand, also have a problem in that their installation requires the grinding of sound teeth on either side of the missing tooth, compromising those teeth in the process. There are alternatives, known as resin bridges, which do not need to damage healthy teeth, but can only be used on incisors due to their relative fragility.

Dental implants neatly avoid both of these problems by being placed securely in the patient’s jawbone, a permanent solution as the jawbone usually lasts a lifetime (if not longer). Screw-shaped metal cylinders replace the root of the lost tooth in this case, providing a base for a replacement. In addition, this implantation has a side effect that actually promotes bone health; it stimulates the bone in much the same way as a natural root, thus prompting it to replenish itself. Without this stimulation, patients would experience bone loss over time.

Such implants, called individual implants, are used when the patient has lost one or two neighboring teeth. When the loss is greater, such as when half or all of the teeth need to be replaced, a dentist will likely recommend that patients consider All-On-4 treatment. An individual who has lost his 32 teeth, for example, will therefore not need 32 individual implants to replace them. Instead, they only need four, hence the term “all of four”.

Here, Bexley Dental recognizes that patients looking for a local supplier may be confused by the difference in costs between different clinics. Since all dentists must be licensed to legally provide this procedure, patients may assume that this is simply a markup for some clinics – but it is not. Several factors determine the cost of a procedure, and patients should be aware that the most affordable option may also yield the worst results.

The experience of the dentist is one of the main factors that determine the price of a procedure. If they have had additional training (post-licensing) and worked with many patients over their careers, today’s patients are likely to experience the best outcomes and the greatest likelihood of longevity from their procedure. The dentist’s education and experience has a direct impact on the success of the procedure, which is variable, so the patient may wish to invest more to ensure that their dentist provides quality service. Similarly, some clinics may use lower quality materials to reduce costs and make their service more affordable, but this may come at the expense of durability, both in terms of implant integrity and natural appearance.

To Bexley Dental, patients undergoing this procedure will be cared for by Dr. Theo Spyrakis, the clinic’s resident All-on-4 and Implant expert. His experience is extensive and he has traveled all over the world to train with the best individuals in the field (including the founder of the technique). Thus, his patients are always in good hands.

Patients can call or email Bexley Dental today to schedule a consultation and determine if they are good candidates for the All-On-4 procedure. Dr. Spyrakis or another clinic dentist will assess their condition and offer their professional recommendation.


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