Bexley Dental provides clarification on full mouth dental implants and the All on 4 technique

Bexley Dental, a dental practice based in Bexley, NSW, Australia, would like to inform everyone about full mouth dental implants and how the All on 4 technique can provide a better alternative to the conventional method. The full mouth dental implant procedure is a modern technique that offers a better alternative to dentures for those who lack a full dental arch.

The conventional way of providing full oral implants usually requires 8 or more dental implant supported bridges. In contrast, the All on 4 method will only require 4 dental implants to support a full dental arch. This is made possible thanks to the innovative way of tilting the implants at 45 degrees to avoid areas with reduced bone density while providing sufficient resistance. As only 4 implants are required, the All on 4 method is much less invasive, healing time is shortened and the procedure can be used for more complex cases. And patients don’t have to wait months for the jawbone to fuse with the implants. The All on 4 method usually only requires 24 hours.

The conventional method of using 8 or more implants to support a full dental arch has several drawbacks, one of which is the need to screw implants into low bone density areas at the back of the mouth. This was corrected with bone grafting and sinus augmentation to ensure that the jaw bone was strong enough to support the implants and the full arch of teeth. This means that it requires an invasive procedure and a lot of time to complete the process as it is necessary to wait for the bone to fuse with the implants before the implants can be used to support the full arch of teeth.

It was in 2002 that Dr. Spyrakis heard about the All on 4 technique, which he quickly realized was exactly the treatment alternative he was looking for. The use of only 4 implants and the elimination of the need for a bone graft offered advantages that patients would gladly accept. In addition, the All on 4 technique opens up the possibility of implants for patients previously unsuitable for implants.

For example, those with high blood pressure were generally excluded because the additional increase in blood pressure due to anxiety and adrenaline in the anesthetics prevented them from undergoing this type of surgery. The All on 4 technique is less invasive, which means less anxiety for the patient. Additionally, the dentist will adjust the medication to ensure that the blood pressure does not exceed the safe range. Sleep dentistry can also be an alternative because it uses intravenous sedation and is not adrenaline-based.

Those with a lack of jaw bone or osteoporosis were previously excluded from full mouth dental implants. With the All on 4 technique, this has become possible because angled implants no longer require as much bone density to secure. And there would be no need for invasive bone grafting procedures.

For diabetic patients, the primary concern is susceptibility to vascular disease and infections that can lead to implant failure. Fortunately, improvements in diabetes treatments now allow these patients to consider full mouth implants. As long as blood sugar levels can be maintained, the risk of complications is lower.

Started in 1990 by Dr Theo Spyrakis, Bexley Dental has grown into a dental practice with four dentists and three hygienists who have the knowledge and experience to help patients regain their beautiful smiles. They are quite capable of offering a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments to their patients. Whether the teeth are chipped, damaged or stained, patients will no longer have to worry and be embarrassed about their smile after undergoing the proper procedures that the dental practice can recommend and provide.

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