Affordable, Accessible, Life-Changing Dental Implants in Springfield

DICE Dental offers dental implants, dentures, extractions and crowns in Springfield, PA

DICE Dental offers dental implants in Springfield, starting at just $750.

Dental implants do an amazing job of restoring the appearance of a patient’s smile.

—Dr. Katie Alger

SPRINGFIELD, PA, USA, August 17, 2022 / — Dental implants are available in Springfield, PA from DICE Dental. Owned and operated by Dr. Katie Alger, DICE Dental specializes in high quality, yet affordable cosmetic dentistry. Services include crowns, dentures, extractions and dental implants.

Due to their longevity, durability and natural appearance, dental implants are the most popular service offered by DICE Dental.

“Dental implants do an incredible job of restoring the appearance of a patient’s smile and relieving pain from tooth decay,” says Dr. Alger.

During a dental implant procedure, a missing tooth root is replaced with a titanium screw. Over time, the patient’s jawbone will heal around the screw. Then a bespoke crown is added. This crown looks and feels like the patient’s natural teeth, so it blends perfectly with the patient’s smile.

Dental Implants in Springfield start at just $750. This low price is extended to all patients whether or not they are insured.

Dentures are another popular service offered by Dr. Alger and his team. Dentures in Springfield starting at just $499. Both conventional and implant-supported dentures are available.

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About DICE Dental: DICE Dental is a cosmetic dentist in Springfield, Southampton and Bethlehem Township, PA. The firm was founded by Dr. Katie Alger, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University. She has made it her goal to reduce the barriers that patients face when it comes to high-quality dental care. Using state-of-the-art technology, DICE provides dentures, implants, crowns and extractions (DICE) to patients in a relaxed, comfortable and accepting environment. To learn more, visit

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